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April 2021

To all our American Club of Paris friends,

Optimism is the word of the day. After a few record-breaking first days of spring, daylight savings bringing us longer, brighter days and increasingly more credible talk of a general “reopening” in the near rather than distant future, we truly believe that we’ll be reunited again, in person, before long.

For now, we invite you to sit back and to enjoy our spring newsletter. In it you'll find a new installment of the "ACP Confinement Chronicles” with a spotlight on American author and American Club member Bill Pearl. Then, we’re excited to bring you the new column “Member Spotlight” which gives you a chance to get to know a member “up-close and personal”. Lastly, read up on some of the great events that have brought us together in recent months, each providing thought-provoking, interesting and fun, feel good moments with inspiring speakers and guests, as well as many old and new friends.

Happy reading!

ACP Confinement Chronicles

We continue our ACP Confinement Chronicles by asking our members how they are getting through periods of confinement. For our second installment, meet author and ACP member Bill Pearl.

Bill, what feelings come up when you think back to your confinement in the US?    

A tale of two cities, redux. It was the best of times (I was writing a novel at home). It was the worst of times (I wanted to write it in Paris). It was the age of Wisdom for some (who masked and mitigated). It was the age of Foolishness for others who did not. It was the epoch of the Virus, an epoch of incredulity that a tiny germ could turn a massive planet upside down.  It was the season of Light as science created vaccines almost overnight. It was the season of Darkness as governments struggled to inoculate fast enough to save lives - three million lost. It was the spring of Hope as I pounded out a novel amid chaos. It was the winter of despair as I postponed my flight to Paris again and again.

longed for the inspiration of the City of Light, but I could not come. So, I zoomed to France, to Rotary and the American Club. Where they still had Paris before them, but in lockdown, had nothing before them. The Gaulic heaven all around tarnished, feeling more like that place in the other direction – in short, the period has been so far from normal, that even the most optimistic voices, skilled at ferreting good from cauldrons of evil might only grimace and say, this too shall pass.

And by the way, I finished the novel, published it, and gave it the title “Mission in Paris 1990”.

For an extract from "Mission in Paris 1990" please visit The Bookshop

And for more on Bill Pearl please visit

Member Spotlight

We are excited to launch the Member Spotlight section by introducing you to Hillary Sukhonos who joined the American Club of Paris during the confinement.

Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you come to live in Paris?

I dreamed to live in Europe since a young girl. I had an opportunity to audition for the new show at Lido de Paris in 2015 and was accepted to be a cast member. I've been here ever since. I became a professional ballet dancer at age 17, have owned my own studio, and travelled the world as a professional performer. 

What brought you to the American Club of Paris?

I sought the company of well educated, accomplished, and worldly Americans.

You are a woman of many talents - dancing, mentoring, copywriting - how do you balance such a multifaceted career?

Projects ebb and flow, dancing stays consistent. I feel blessed to be living the life I have. 

What do you look forward to most once life returns to "normal"?

Freedom from worry. Then of course, dressing up, going out to museums or events, and meeting new people.

What three things do you love the most about Paris?

Everything happens in Paris, I feel I am in the center of things. The status, the myth, and the history. Finally, the strength of the job market for dancers, models, writers, and artists. Here, there is opportunity and vibrancy for my career.

To learn more about Hillary visit her blog or follow her on Instagram @birdinthworld

A Few Memories From Past Events

Holiday Cocktail Hour - December 15th, 2020

We slipped into our sparkly cocktail attire and toasted the joyous holiday season and the impending end of one of the more turbulent years in a long time.

Zoom Conference with Jean-Marc Luisada - January 12th, 2021

Renowned pianist Jean-Marc Luisada carried us away, and through, beautiful renditions of Bach, Mozart, Brahms and Chopin for first event of 2021. A delight for all the senses!

January Happy Hour - January 19th, 2021

Another great turnout our first Happy Hour of the new year: an evening of laughter and fun, casual conversation and just not taking ourselves too seriously. How good that feels these days…

February Happy Hour, Mardi Gras Edition - February 16th, 2021

Masks and beads: our special Mardi Gras Happy Hour on Fat Tuesday brought out the purple, green and gold in our members and guests as we "let the good times roll".

Virtual Conversation with Ambassador Anthony L. Gardner - February 25th, 2021

What an honor to have welcomed former U.S. Ambassador to the European Union, Mr. Anthony L. Gardner, who candidly brought to life US-EU relations over the years, beginning with his appointment under President Barack Obama, the subsequent Trump era and what lies ahead under current President Joe Biden.

Virtual Presentation on the Life of Monsieur - March 4th, 2021

A particularly intriguing evening as the talented Laura Moore of “Story of a City” let us in on some of the darkest secrets of the royal family around Louis XIV: love triangles, attempted overthrown thrones, lies and deceit but also unrequited love and personal tragedy. 


March Happy Hour, Saint Patrick's Day Edition - March 16th, 2021

We joined forces with the American Club of Brussels for an incredibly fun night with new friends, green cocktails and an entertaining scavenger hunt.

Art, Soul & Destiny: American artist Jill Steenhuis - April 1st, 2021

American artist Jill Steenhuis took us on a magnificent (virtual) journey to the south of France, where inspired by Cezanne and Van Gogh she brings to life the picturesque countryside around her hometown of Aix-en-Provence, where “Art, Soul and Destiny … waltz together expressing a new poetry on the canvas.”


A little over half-way into the 2020/2021 Club season and almost half-way to our annual donation goal of €20,000, today more than ever we kindly ask for your support. The prestigious Benjamin Franklin Circle plays a vital role in ensuring that our Club continues to build the French-American friendship by encouraging political, intellectual and cultural exchanges between the US and France. Your active participation and passion are what make the American Club of Paris such a singular organization. Please consider joining!

You may make a donation here.


We warmly welcome the following new and reinstated members:

Alex Pazuchanics, Roberta Beardsley, Wilma de Bernardo-Lagarrigue

In Memoriam

It is with much sadness and a sense of great loss that the American Club of Paris mourns the most recent passing of two exceptional women:

Stephanie Simonard, the American Club of Paris’s first female member and the Club’s first female President (1989-1991), Stephanie was the quintessential, dedicated and committed American expat in France to whom we owe a debt of gratitude for all she did for the community. She will be long remembered.

Marie-Jeanne Colombani joined the American Club of Paris in 2015 and was a very active member, attending many events and making countless friends at the Club. We will miss her. 

Member Profiles

Please take a few minutes to update your profile and contact information online! Having your complete contact information helps us stay in touch - and while you're there, make sure to upload a photo and to share your birth date (year optional)!


Thursday, April 29th, 6:30 - 8:00 pm: French Tenor Benjamin Bernheim, on Zoom, Register Here

Tuesday, May 18th, 7:00 - 8:30 pm: May Happy Hour, on Zoom, Registrations open soon

Wednesday, May 19th, 6:30 - 8:00 pm: Dr. Robert Horsch, Gates Foundation, on Zoom, Register Here


Make sure to like and follow us to stay up to date on events, news and everything else that’s going on at your American Club of Paris.


The American Club of Paris
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Tel/Fax : 01 47 23 64 36


December 2020

To all our American Club friends:

This year end offers us the unique chance to reflect upon the past 12 months and while 2020 has surely been particular for so many reasons, we are reminded of the importance of community and of friendship. In these uncertain times however, one constant remains: The American Club, you, our members, our friends and the outlook of a new year full of exciting events.

For now we invite you to reminisce with us on some of the events we have hosted since our last newsletter. While many of them were limited to Zoom, we are thankful to all our speakers, panelists and guests who each provided us with unforgettable moments of reflection and contemplation, virtual travels and reminders of the simple joys of life.

But first, we would like to introduce a long-awaited new article, the ACP Confinement Chronicles. We thought we would see how some of our members got through the confinements; new talents, new discoveries, new ways of handling ups and downs of lockdown. Our first installment follows and we invite you to send in your own stories.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!


The idea here was to ask our members how they got through confinement. What did they discover about themselves, about Paris, about their surroundings while locked down?

Our first installment is about our ACP Treasurer, Christophe Korfer.

Christophe, what did you discover during Covid?

“When we packed up to move to our confinement home, I decided at the last minute to throw in a sketch pad and some old pencils. Figured why not, they didn’t take much space. For years I would simply doodle while on the phone, simple sketches of horses in my spare time but the first confinement gave me “guilt-free” time to try different subjects. I spent my brief periods of one hour in the neighborhood searching out interesting architecture and landscapes. I always took great pleasure walking through Paris with my eyes aimed up but I started looking for good angles and the right light. Even the rooftop views out over Saint-Germain-des-Prés were fair game.

I started posting my sketches on Facebook and Instagram and have developed a small but faithful following. I have even done some commissions for friends and even total strangers.”

And do you continue your sketches now that you are less confined?

“Not only do I continue the pencil and ink sketches, but I am slowly expanding into watercolors. The work is peaceful yet challenging. Sketching brings me the same benefits as meditation or yoga. It keeps me calm and I love it.”


American Club of Paris office at Reid Hall, rue de Chevreuse.

You can follow Christophe on Instagram by clicking here


Zoom Conference with Vincent Huguet - June 10th, 2020:

A special thank you Vincent Huguet who ventured into unchartered territory with us during our first-ever Zoom conference, speaking about his life as a stage director and his latest experience staging Massenet's Manon at the Opera de Paris before confinement forced it to close its curtain.


June Happy Hour - June 23rd, 2020:

Our first in-person get-together since February! How we missed seeing our friends again for an evening of laughter and joy at our monthly Happy Hour at Gatsby's !



Zoom Conference with Delphine Horvilleur - June 25th, 2020:

We welcomed Delphine Horvilleur, rabbi, author and editor of the Jewish quarterly Tenou'a as she shared with us her reflections on the question of antisemitism. 


Annual La Rentrée Cocktail - September 9th, 2020:

On a warm summer evening we kicked off the new Club season on the beautiful terrace of the Cercle de l'Union Interalliée, bringing together over 70 members and friends for an unforgettable evening of fun, laughter, catching up, and celebration of simply being together again.






Zoom Conference US Presidential Election Debate - October 22nd, 2020:

A captivating and very civilized debate ahead of the US presidential election featuring Ada Shen, National Chair of Democrats Abroad and George Yates, Vice-President of Republicans Overseas, moderated by Jessica Feldman, Assistant Professor in Global Communications at the American University of Paris.



Virtual Happy Hour - October 27th, 2020:

Even confinement cannot keep us from the cherished tradition of our monthly Happy Hour so we turned it into a Zoom and enjoyed seeing new and old (unmasked) friends for an evening of uplifting conversations and virtual clinking of glasses.



Luncheon with Anne-Elisabeth Moutet - October 29th, 2020:

A mere five days before the long anticipated US presidential election, "We Got the Red Blues" listening to author and journalist Anne-Elisabeth Moutet share her European point of view on the election, the probable outcome and its impact on Europe and the world.




Thanksgiving Partnership with "Zia" - November 26th, 2020:

While nothing could ever replace our famous Thanksgiving Gala at the Musée de la Chasse, we were delighted to partner with American chef Justin Kent, at the helm of two restaurants in the 7th arrondissement, Zia and Milagro. We delivered over 60 delicious Thanksgiving dinners to our members and friends. 




Zoom Event with Maris & Thomas Bonnefon of Château Le Noble - December 2nd, 2020:

Taking us on a virtual tour through the stunning Entre-Deux-Mers region to their Château Le Noble vineyard, Maria and Thomas Bonnefon shared their unique story of following ones dreams and passions, from banking to award-winning organic winemaking.



Zoom Discussion with Victor Mallet - December 9th, 2020:

Our special guest Victor Mallet, Paris bureau Chief of the Financial Times, in discussion with our member and Parisian lawyer Joydeep Sengupta, captivated guests as he opened up about his experience with freedom of expression as a financial journalist in Hong Kong, his time in India (which led to the writing of an award-winning book), life in France and his own English take on Brexit!



The Benjamin Franklin Circle was originally established as a committee of special supporters of the American Club of Paris. Today more than ever we need your support to continue building our French-American friendship by encouraging political, intellectual and cultural exchanges between our two countries.

By becoming a member of the Benjamin Franklin Circle today you help ensure that our Club continues its strong link between France and the United States.  

You may make your donation here


December 29th at 7:00 pm: Zoom Games Night

January 12th at 6:30 pm: Zoom conference with Jean-Marc Luisada 

January 19th at 7:00 pmVirtual Happy Hour

January 30th at 9:45 amGabrielle Chanel private guided tour (in English) at Musée Galliera

February 3rd at 12:30 pm: Haïm Korai-Grand Rabbin de France, hopefully luncheon at le Cercle de l'Union Interalliée


Would you like to stay up to date on what's going on at the American Club of Paris? To get latest information on events, news and photos, please make sure to follow us:




Dear American Club friends:

In a time where we are looking for guidance, distractions, and a bit of an escape, it seems appropriate to reach out to all of you in the form of our Newsletter. It’s also our way of checking in with you, making sure you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. And at the same time, we offer a look back at some of our recent activities and accomplishments.

So far this 2019-2020 season we have had some fun, some serious, some grand and some casual events. We hope these photos will remind you all what the American Club is all about. It’s all about French-American friendship in good times and in stressful times like these. What makes the club strong is all of you, our family.

So sit back, have a look, and don’t forget that while we might be temporarily closed down for activities, we remain here for you and will be “back in action” just as soon as it is safe.

A few memories from past events:

Porsche Experience Center in LeMans. - February 29th, 2020:

This was prestigious event at the world renowned LeMans circuit; where we got the opportunity to sit next to a professional Porsche driver and do hot laps! We spent the day exploring this incredible spot!

Members Only Invitation Ralph Lauren 2020 Collection Cocktail Party - February 27th, 2020:

We were honored to be invited by Ralph Lauren to the private launch of his latest 2020 Women's Collection. This was a totally immersive experience by one of fashion's most iconic designers of ALL time. 


Skydiving Adventure - January 23rd, 2020:

The best indoor skydiving center and the only one in the heart of Paris! Flying into one of the biggest wind tunnels was exciting, and fun for all ages and completely safe. 

February Happy Hour - February 23rd, 2020:

Our monthly happy hour where we see old friends, meet new friends, and bring friends to discover the American Club!

Private Visit to the Former Wine Cellars of Louis XIV - September 26th, 2019:

January Happy Hour - January 21st, 2020:

Our monthly happy hour where we see old friends, meet new friends, and bring friends to discover the American Club!

Marche et Démarche, une Histoire de la Chaussure Exhibit - January 11th, 2020:

The Musée des Arts décoratif pays hommage to the shoe, in all its forms, in an exhibition titled 'Marche et démarches', a history of the shoe. 


Christmas Party - December 18, 2019:

A jolly jolly evening where ACP members got together and celebrated Christmas! 

Thanksgiving Gala Diner - November 29th , 2019:

The Club's annual Thanksgiving Gala Dinner at the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature. This year we got such an incredible turnout and wow that turkey was delicious!

The Kraemer Gallery Visit - November 23rd, 2019:

Kraemer is the oldest family owned gallery based in Paris since 1875, specialized in Museum quality 18th century furniture and objets d'art.


November Happy Hour - November 19, 2019

Our monthly happy hour where we see old friends, meet new friends, and bring friends to discover the American Club!

Funny Girl The Broadway Musical - November 15th, 2019:

Our President’s Madame Leonard’s absolute favourite musical of all times!  A night of pure entertainment, joy and laughter. 

Members-Only Private Guided Visit Breguet  Museum - November 13th, 2019:

A lovely night spent at Breguet’s Museum: one of the oldest surviving watchmaker. Member and their spouses got the chance to experience a private guided visit and a glass of champagne at the Breguet Museum.

Private Walking Tour of the7th Arrondissement by Emilio Williams - October 24th, 2019:

In this private tour, Williams will shared his on-going research on the rich and forgotten history of the 7th arrondissement, followed by an optional diner at La Fontaine de Mars.

October Happy Hour - October 15th, 2019:

Visit to Christine Argillet’s Collection Exhibit - October 14th, 2019:

American Club of Paris member, Christine Argillet, daughter of Salvador Dali’s editor and owner of the Argillet Collection is pleased to present to us; drawings, sculpture, original engravings, and Salvador Dali’s Aubusson tapestries at a private exhibit « A Dali Autumn in Paris. Parisian Adventure in the Footsteps of Salvador Dalí".

Visit to Wine Cellars of Louis XIV
This was a very special evening discovering these extraordinary wine cellars, limited to just 20 participants, includes a guided visit in French, followed by an apéritif in a local bistro. 

Luncheon with Nicole Bacharan - September 18th, 2019:

On this day, Nicole Bacharan spoke to the club on The Future of the Transatlantic Relationship.

September Happy Hour - September 17th, 2019:

Our monthly happy hour where we see old friends, meet new friends, and bring friends to discover the American Club!

Guided Visit: Back Side/Dos à la Mode - September 14th, 2019:

Back Side/Dos à la mode, an off-site exhibition at Musée Bourdelle in Paris, features over one hundred works from the 18th century until present day that explore the evolution of the exposure of the back in fashion and art history. The visit was followed by a lunch at le 41 Pasteur.

Annual Cocktail Rentrée - September 2nd, 2019:

This is our annual cocktail where we kick off the season. It’s the perfect time for Members to invite friends discover the American Club of Paris. The American Club of Paris.



We warmly welcome the following new members:

Louise Pulizzi & Daniel Perka, Jeri Yoshida, Florence Vivien, Deneen  Bunch, Nathalie Pecquenard, Axel Brière Ilaria Brière de la Hosseraye Jean Joseph Pani, Alexandre Aubard, Thierry Sueur, Ronald  Kirchem, Kenneth Rider, Karine Berthier & Louis Davin, Monica Rab, Eric Bohbot, Rachel Kaplan, Alexandre Champeau, and Olivier Guyot.

It is with great sadness we announce the loss of our dear friend Annette Leckart on April 5th.


The Consul General at the US Embassy in Paris communicates daily on the COVID-19 situation. We highly suggest you register with the embassy to receive these notifications.

Here is the most recent : 


Our in-house IT guru, Dan Shields is helping us revamp our website.  So check back in early May for a new and improved American Club of Paris website with fresh visuals, new content and a whole new look.


As you know we have had to cancel all planned events under further notice. However, we look forward to sending you news shortly of what we have in store in the next few months.

Until then, stay tuned.




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